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I have a 2002 330CI with the HK System. My front door HK speakers were rattling (blown) and so I recently upgraded them with some newer speakers that are 140watts. I belive the HK speakers are only 20watts, and that is why the new speakers are so quiet (they must not be getting enough power)

My question is can I go into the trunk where the stock HK amplifier is and find the output for the RH and LH door woofers (I have already located them) and then connect them to a new 2 channel amp? then reconnect the output wires from the 2 channel amp to the Door speakers?

Here is a diagram of what I'm trying to do to amplify only the Door Speakers:

(imagine the "========" as a pair of wires)

Factory HK AMP LH DOOR WOOFER WIRES(output)=======(input)>>NEW AMP=(output)=======>> LH DOOR SPEAKER.

Factory HK AMP RH DOOR WOOFER WIRES(output)=======(input)>>NEW AMP=(output)=======>> RH DOOR SPEAKER

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