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Quick Quest. Oil Cap for M3?

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Left my oil cap off last night, and now have smoking from the spray leaking onto manifold. Will any E46 oil cap fit, or do I need to wait for the M3 special cap made of unobtanium? I am stranded now, but he local parts guy at the BMW dealer does not know if it is universal. and the special M part will take a 3-4 days. Im stranded for now!
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Just from looking at the ETK the cylinder head covers are different and looks like the accept different caps.
if you can fit an M3 cap on a 325 i would beleive you could use a 325 cap on an M3
Thanks! bought one for a 325 for $10 and it works great. probably and arm andleg for hte M3 orig replacement.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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