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questions about suspensions, name, how..

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I know what coilover is. ( you can adjust height and stiffness)

I am not sure about cup kits. ( from what I understand, it has only one drop, then you can't adjust the suspensions upper or lower, also can't adjust the stiffness.

is there any suspenions that have, for example, 2 or 3 levels of drop. similar to Coilover, but, using clips or something similar ( not the big round turning things on coilover to adjust height) to insert into the level of drop you want. and you are ready to go. and with or without stiffness adjustment.
if there is, what is it called?

I understand how to adjust the stiffness. but for the height adjustment, How can you guys get the perfect balance( the left side is same height as the right)??

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u get the perfect balance by adjustin all at the same height... try:search:
A cupkit is just a name of a product from H&R. It's basically a kit that include 4 springs and 4 shocks.

The ride height with this kit is not adjustable.

There aren't any kits for BMW that offer what you're looking for.
On the Audi vehicle, Bilstein shocks have what you describe, different grooves that allow you to slightly change the ride height in distinct preset incremements. There is no such offering with BMW's.

The Cupkit offered by H&R does not offer adjustable shock dampening. A kit offered by Vogtland does include adjustable dampening, and lowers 1.4".
for those who experienced Coilover

when you doing the height adjustment, you miscount, or something happens you forget where you were, what do you do?

my friend told me to count the lines on the shocks from the top.
I don't know if he was joking?
because there are thousands of lines on the shocks.
is it how you guy do it if something goes wrong?

another freind of mine told me not to get coilover, since you wont get the exact same height.

how can you adjust the same height for both sides?
there is no exact same height for both sides?


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