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okay i need some info about two types of suspension for the 330xi. Dinan stage3 suspension or AC Schnizter sport suspension.

First of all i dont go out on the race track or anything so first of all id wanna know would i really need dinan stage3 suspension, or would stage 2 be fine as well.

Also overall in suspension id want it to be some-what comfortable and doesnt look like i have some stiff rice rocket suspension where my car bounces up and down. But more then anything id want the best handling out of my suspension. And of course id want it to have a pretty nice drop cuz im thinking of putting on lowenhart br5's (19's) later after i get the drop.
So what do u guys think i should get?? AC or dinan.

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Dinan Is OK

I have the full Stage III suspension for my 330Ci. I'm not aware of the differences for an Xi. Dinan is a good compromise between street and track. However, for my purposes, it is not good enough anymore and I plan on selling it.

- No warranty worries with Dinan mods
- For those who don't want the slammed look, the drop is not siginificant. 1/2"-3/4" up front and maybe 1/4"-1/2" in the rear.
- Softest setting is comfortable enough to drive.
- You WILL feel a difference over the stock suspension. With the camber plates, and adjusted sway bar settings, the car turns and handles better.
- 5 points towards a Dinan 3 badge if you care for such things.

- Pricey. Very pricey.
- Sways bars not much thicker than stock.
- Limited adjustability.
- For those who do want the slammed look, definitely not for you.
- When pushed hard, still noticeable body roll.

I plan on getting a much more aggressive setup with stiffer springs, thicker swaybars and coilovers. Ground-Control seems to be the choice for people who track regularly as they will provide a package that is tailored for your specific needs. I'm also looking into the PSS9s and the UUC sways.

I'd say that if you're NOT too concerned about the warranty issue and money IS an issue then look for other solutions. There are other choices besides Dinan and the whole warranty thing - technically the dealer has to prove that the mods caused the problem anyways.

Oh, and one last thing - Dinan Stage III includes camber plates, which you won't really need if you don't autox or track.
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