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Question on Bekker Front Clears

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A rock took out one of my clears. For those of you with the Bekker's can you explain what the difference is between OEM and the ones shown on their web site? There appears to be some kind of silver colored trim around the edge.

Anyone have info or pix on these?


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Those are for the facelifted 4-door Sedan
Picture was taken from the Bekker site and are supposed to be for 00-01 coupe.
They are clear (look at the bulb) but there is definitely some kind of titanium or silver trim around the edge.
No one has these on their car?
One last try - doesn't anyone have a picture of Bekker's clears on their car. :sad:

:search: did not turn up anything. I guess it's CircleBMW and OEM clears.
bekker clears

Of course they didn't fit, but we all know that. The side markers have yellowed over the course of two years. I'd just save the money and buy some cheaper ones on ebay. Afer all, if they yellow, you're only out 20 as oppossed to 100.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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