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Question about spacers...

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I'm wondering what size spacers I need? I don't like how I have a gap between my rim and wheel-well in the rear of my car. I have Hamann PG2's 19 x 8.5 all around. I've searched and didn't find anything, I'm a newbie at this so please help.:dunno:


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lilherc79 said:
hahahaha, mike's got no looove......


well according to specs, 19x8.5 PG2s ET is 38, you can safely run up to 32 in the rear (BBS LM) with 235 tires. so that gives u 6mms. so you can get 5mm spacers or if they have slightly bigger, 7mm spacers will do too.
Hey Mike, guess what--> :flipoff: HAHAHAHA, J/K...

Thanks for the info, Mike...:thumbup:
I don't think H&R has/makes 7mm spacers which I need. I know ACS makes 7mm spacers, do any of you guys know if the ACS spacers will fit my Hamann PG2's?:dunno:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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