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Hey guys, i got a clarion mss7100 switcher, and i've got 2 senteca moniters, that have only a video rca cable, and positive and negative wires. Also I've got one icon moniter in the front that's got 2 video input wires, a power wire and some audio wires. My question is, will my clarion switcher work with these moniters??? They have the tcs101 control towers that have one wire going to the clarion switcher and the other wire is made to go to a clarion moniter. (I want to put a ps2, and a dvd player as my two input sources) and the switcher is built for this, however I dont know if I can wire the control towers to the I wanted to know:

1) If this setup can't work then what type of a/v switcher do I need, and where can I get it from for a good price?

2) Does anyone want to trade my clarion Mss7100 switcher for a simple regular A/V switcher that has at least 3 inputs?

Someone who knows about this stuff, please helppp :dunno:
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