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QTEC Electronic Exhaust Cutout?

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Kaisake said:
How about a 'remote exhaust cutout', which bypasses muffler with a flick of a switch from the cabin? I wouldn't mess with the catalytic converter (in CA at least) due to tight emission tests (smog checks).

Idea behind cutout:

Electric Exhaust Cutout:
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lets revive this thread, i was thinking about getting one, i know people will think that its silly to get one for a $50 m3, but sometimes i like being quiet, and sometimes i like being loud, for $200 its a lot cheaper than a mild exhaust that would be settling between the two

what do others think?
yah those Kriessiegg's are like $5-7k

they sound sweet

but for every day, you'd want to shoot yourself, unless you're really really into that sort of thing

id only want an exhaust that loud if i had straight pipes for a track only car, the cutout seemed like a good idea for a bit of time, but from reading more about it, it seems that the motors break easily, some people say that its because of operating them under WOT, but i dont know much about them

some of the evo guys use them

i ended up settling for a used borla exhaust, should do the trick for me

but in the end its obviously your car

if someone does do this post it up for sure
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1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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