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QTEC Electronic Exhaust Cutout?

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Kaisake said:
How about a 'remote exhaust cutout', which bypasses muffler with a flick of a switch from the cabin? I wouldn't mess with the catalytic converter (in CA at least) due to tight emission tests (smog checks).

Idea behind cutout:

Electric Exhaust Cutout:
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Black330ci said:
okie so which one do i order for a 330? there are a lot of size options Y something options i dont know ...someone tell me so i can order this!

WOw, this is a pretty good idea. Anyone got the specs for e46 exhausts?? How would this work w/ the dual pipes of the 325/330 cars? Would it work at all or would you need two of these?
M2KBlitz22 said:
A very good idea here!! Someone talk to an aftermarket company and let's get something like this developed!!
It is already developed and available to purchase though.. :confused:
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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