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Hello people . First i want to say thank you to the team that developed this amazing tunning opportunity for the e46 community.
I have a problem to share with you guys and i hope that this is the right place to ask for help.
The vehicle is bmw e46 325xi with automatic gearbox . I found in youtube that i can tune the car by myself. For a long time i wanted to do a crackle tune so i bought the inpa cable and donwload the neccesary software from the wiki page. I have managed to enter the boot mode and using garage flasher and galetto to download the two original dump files from the DME (64k and 512k). Following the steps i reflashed the dme with the ews delete version 56 for the ms43 successfully. Next i used tunerpro with the launch control xdf Editing my original 64k file and flashing it to the ecu using galetto with success. Than i tried to start the car but she doesnt want to start and im puzzled why . When i tried to use inpa to read the codes it doesnt recognises the ecu so i was forced to flash back the original files in order to start the car . My question to you guys is did i miss any steps , what did i do wrong and why doesnt the car started ? I would appreciate any help .
Thank you .
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