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Hi everyone. Lets see... Where to start. I took delivery of my 02/03 built M3 on march 24th and am having minor but aggravating problems since then.

First the famous pulling to the right. 2 times at a performance shop recommended by my dealer + 2 times at the dealer, no luck. Still pulling and they messed up my steering wheel. It's not centered anymore. Besides that, they returned the car to me with scuff marks all over the rims because of the careless alignment guy. Anyways dealer told me they won't work on the alignment anymore because they think the car is not pulling. Finally I asked my dealer to get in touch with the regional rep and tell him to meet me at the dealership. I met him last week and took a ride in my car. He clearly saw that my car is still pulling and my steering wheel is not centered and told the shop foreman to work on it and correct it. We'll see how that goes.

Second the HK rattle. Door+rear deck. I was told nothing can be done, rubber washers are already on the clips and suggested to turn the bass down. I printed the TBS's and took them with me and was told that they have everything on their computer. They didn't even bother looking at them. Well guess what? I still have the rattle. No fix yet.

Third is the diff noise. I took the car in so many times for that and everytime they returned it without doing anything and saying " we didn't hear anything". Last time before they return the car to me I asked the shop foreman to have a ride with me and guess what? Diff noise was there and magically the shop foreman heard it this time. They kept the car one more day and added different diff fluid. Well, now when the car warms up I bearly hear the noise but when its cold it rattles the whole rear deck and panels. I'll have them keep the car overnight and listen to the noise in the morning when it's cold.

To add to those, leather texture of some areas on my seats are different, they don't match. Nice quality BMW!

I don't know guys. I'm tired of dealing with these people and don't know what to do. I'm at the dealer at least once a month for couple days. I can't stand this anymore. I haven't had such bad service experience even when I had my Ford. There is only one BMW dealer in town so I have no other choice. I just wanted to share and hope for some solutions from where I don't know. BMWNA? I don't think so but miracles can happen right. Thank you guys. Have a nice day
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