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Selector shaft and park lock

Link to other parts of the project

When you move the gear lever in the car to change gears, a cable attached to the lever moves a shaft on the outside of the transmission.
This does a few things:
1. It engages/disengages the park lock.
2. It rotates the shaft, and hence the mechanism inside the selector switch (bolted to the outside of the transmission) to tell the car which gear has been selected.
3. The shaft rotates a detent disk inside the transmission. This detent disk holds the gear lever in the gear selected.
4. When the detent disk is turned, a knob on its end is connected to the manual valve on the valve body. This manually selects either park, reverse or 4th gear when in limp mode.

To access all of this the valve body needs to be removed. Removing the individual components is pretty easy. If you need to replace the selector shaft seal, this is very easy. It is possible to remove it without the shaft out.

Here are some photos.



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