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Input assembly

Link to other parts of the project

Once the oil pump assembly has been removed the input assembly can now come out. Grab hold of the input shaft and pull it out. The parts that are coming out are the A,B and E clutches as shown below.

Initially pull off the B clutch assembly. Dismantling this is a simple procedure and is exactly as described in the post on tools and clutch disassembly.

The other part contains two clutches, A and E. They need to be separated.

Dismantling of the A clutch is simple and the same as the others that are similar.

When you remove the A clutch, there is a sealing ring around the inside (red dot in photo above). Tap it out gently, and replace the O ring that's on its outside edge. I don't have a picture of this sealing ring removed, but it's pretty obvious when you get it out.

The E clutch is different as it has the shaft attached, and the normal tool won't work here. This is how I did it. Pretty simple. The setup with the cup spring is different in that it has an oil dam over the top. Also the cup spring's orientation is opposite to that of the other clutches.

UPDATE: I pulled apart one of these this morning. Initially couldn't get it apart by using either compressed air or whacking it. I kept persevering with compressed air (120psi) and it eventually came loose. It went off like a gun and it hit the other side of my shed about 10m away with force. The inside edge of the oil dam is a very tight fit (inside edge doesn't have an O ring, outside does), and it was catching on the edge where the circlip sits. Lesson, point it down when you do this.

Assembly of all of this is the reverse of what is explained here. There is nothing particularly difficult about it. Ensure it you are replacing the O rings on the input shaft you note the position of the O ring right down the bottom. There are two slots. It goes on the lower one. The upper slot is for the circlip.


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