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First off, it is a coupe, it has the factory sports package, which came with forged aluminum M3 Wheels, sport steering wheel, bolstered leather seats, it has a Manual transmission (I have NEVER bought an auto), it has split folding rear seats, NO sunroof. Harman Kardon premium sound system really rocks! It is regularly serviced (too much to list) needs absolutely nothing and comes with all the records to prove it.

It is a Titanium Silver, 2000 328ci (don't hate on the 328) and it DOES have some mods, but they are all professionally done, nothing unnecessary and make the car go and handle like you wouldn't believe. :woot:

Suspension: No Nonsense Mods
Bilstien Sport Shocks, H&R Sport Springs- After 12 years, the original equipment was getting loose, this tightens it up and lowers it half an inch but didn't make the ride any harsher.
UUC front and rear sway bars- The E46 as set up from the factory has a bit of body roll and tends to understeer at the limit, these eliminate roll and give it perfectly neutral handling
UUC front and rear camber adjustment- Plates up front, control arms in the rear, fully adjustable, just what it sounds like.:thumbsup:

Transmission: It needed a clutch job, what better time to upgrade?
UUC Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel + E34 M5 clutch: Allows for quick revving and perfect rev matching, makes 1st and 2nd gear much faster. M clutch can withstand anything and is more direct than stock, but not grabby.
UUC DSSR: Stands for Double Shear Selector Rod, it replaces the original flimsy connection between the shifter and the transmission and gives a better feel
Slightly Higher Final Drive Ratio: Using the rear end from an auto transmission 330, the gear ratios are more usable. It will still theoretically hit the top speed of 150mph, not that I have tried :craig:

Almost Brand New Vented Rotors From Turner Motorsports
Hawk Ceramic Pads with plenty of life on them

Power: Basic mods make up the difference between the 328 and 330
K&N Cold Air: Not the most expensive, but statistically the best, good for 10hp and 10ft/lb
Active Autowerke 93 Octane ECU tune for the specific engine/intake setup: Florida based professional company with years of experience. Adds 15hp/12ft/lb, The throttle response is quicker and the gas mileage is a bit better.

Professionally Reupholstered front Seats
New leather shift knob

Carbon Fibre Hood if you want it, regular hood if you don't (could only deliver it with one).
Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec Tires with some life left in them

This car is my baby, With parts and labor I have over $13k invested in it. I am going to Germany at the end of 2012, and I was originally going to store it for 6 months, but now it looks like I will be gone for at least a year, so as much as it pains me, I am going to have to sell it.
My asking Price is $8500, because honestly I waited too long and now just don't have any time, I can be flexible.
I will deliver within a reasonable distance.

From what you are looking for, I know you want an Ultimate Driving Machine, not a luxury cruiser, and would treat this car right. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] or text or call me at (803)-201-4358 (if I don't pick up, I'm probably in class or driving, so leave a message and I'll call you right back).


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Re: Stetson

It made 185hp and 201 ft/lb on a hot day. The tune makes it rev to 7000, but that's mainly useful for holding gears, with stock cams, it kinda runs out of breath after 6200. Thanks for looking!
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