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Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with the following.

My 318 Touring had a manual AC control panel.
I bought an automatic climate control panel on ebay and switched. It took 15 seconds, and all connectors were identical.

It seemed to work OK for a short while, but later I have had a problem with all heat to the windshield, always cold on the floor, no matter how the temperature or settings are. Setting it to Auto immediately results in a fan acceleration. If it is already hot in the car and the panel is set for 20 degrees, it still runs the fan violently, giving a way too hot temperature.

The two center openings blow a cold wind, though. Seems to work fine there.
I mean that there should be a balance here. Not hot on the windshield and ice cold to the floor, but something in between.

1) What could be wrong?
2) Is it not possible to do the operation I did? Switch from manual to automatic climate control?

Thanks anyone!

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