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Hello, i have a problem with my 2004 316 steptronic touring

Next to the "D" there is an Exclamation point with a cog around it after driving 10-20 meters i have identified this as the emergency mode but it is not stuck in any gear and i can use the manual mode to change gears but it clunks on downshift and does not rev very high.

i have tried the following:

test fuses
factory new battery with 68ah (was 62ah in it currently)
replaced DSC sensors (when the problem occured DSC also didnt work)
opened the EGS module and there were no obvious signs of damage, no burn marks or nothing

When i do the test in OBC

15 Status cluster I/O-ports (bit codes) 0=low; 1=high
1 belt contact, seat belt fastened=0;
2 ignition lock contact, key inserted=0;
3 door contact, door open=0;
4 clock button pressed=0;
5 SI reset=0, for reset=0;
6 EGS transmission failure=0

i get the following : 000111

i also tried resetting the OBC and do the Gauge test and turning the DSC completly off both with removing the fuse and holding the button down.

Thanks in advance for reply

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You need to have the engine computer (DME) and the transmission controller scanned for codes. That's always the first step. Please stop throwing parts at the problem. That wastes money, doesn't fix the problem and angers the BMW goddesses!
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