Hey all

The mods asked me to consolidate my pre-pressed FCAB offering posts so here goes…

I’ve been doing this service for 15 years. As indicated, I pre-press new FCAB bushings (front control arm) for three e46 variants: standard e46 & z4m, awd XI, and e46m3 models. These are ready to slip on to your control arms and bolt on to tighten up your front end handling. No messing around with DIY swearing at improvised bushing pressing or borrowing your friend’s car and asking a machine shop to press out/in the bushings while your car is jacked up. My offerings are as follows:
OE Z4M (upgrade for standard e46) – Pair of new Z4M front control arm bushings (FCABs) already pressed in to good used lollipops. These are the 66mm dia bushings and lollipops for the Z4M (part #31107836862) but folks also use these as an upgrade mod for non-M e46 models. They do this because of the firmer rubber bushing design (less voids, not fluid-filled) and also because the offset bushing provides additional steering caster angle versus the centered stock units for e46 models. $119 shipped(just send back your old lollipops within a couple of months). See here for an explanation of the offset bushing and steering caster angle: - Z4-M Control Arm Bushings on 323i?

XI model FCABs with Powerflex polyurethane -- Pair of new Powerflex polyurethane e46 325xi/330xi FCABs (PFF5-4601xi) already pressed in to OE lollipops. Powerflex bushings already pressed into housings are not sold anywhere online for the XI. Trust me on this – XI user consensus is that the stock fluid-filled units are simply not up to the task and just don’t last. $169 shipped + $60 core charge. Once complete, you send back your old lollipops to me and I refund the core charge.​

E46m3 – stock rubber / OE units (part # 31122229857) pressed into good used lollipops. Ready to slip on to your control arms and bolt on for revitalized handling. $99 shipped (just send back your old lollipops to me within a couple of months).​
Just PM me with any Qs. (y)