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Hi guys can anyone tell me anything about Positive Charging System/Voltage Stabilizer what it is, what it does and how you connect it? I found one its marked bmw/ac schnitzer but not really sure what it does and if its worth buying.

Hope to hear soon!!!!


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it's supposed to remove any power fluctuations from the car's electrical system that are caused by the alternator.

The ebay seller probably mentions that it will:

add 5-10hp
better throttle response
better acceleration
fuel economy
more torque

I assume that it has a big 4-5 farad capacitor inside or some kind of transistorized filter.

if you ask me it's a load of crap ;)

An actual voltage stabilizer, actually... stabilizes voltage, this is for places where there are huge voltage fluctuations, such as power surges of more than 25v (in a 110v system). Over here our voltage is 240v and I've seen peaks of 260v.
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