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Which is HOTTER?

  • 2014 BMW 4 Series Coupe

    Votes: 18 81.8%
  • Audi A5 Coupe

    Votes: 4 18.2%

POLL: F32 4 Serie Coupe VS Audi A5 - Which is the HOTTEST?

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BMW 4 Series vs. Audi A5

We spied the F32 4 series coupe conveniently parked next to it's main rival the Audi A5. Which sports coupe do you think is the hottest? Make sure you check out the 4 Series Concept Coupe pictures for a better idea what the 4 series looks like.

BMW 4 Series vs. Audi A5

Read more about the 2014 F32 4 Series Coupe

BMW 4 Series vs. Audi A5

More F32 4 series coupe and Audi A5 pictures
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If this car looks 90% of the way it looks from the original pictures, Audi is going back to the drawing board. They need to, and they already have with their "facelifted" headlights. They must have gotten the hint that their LED parking lights look the SAME on every line. But, straight lines and a sleek profile will only get you so far (cough cough e92) but when a chiselled beefy, muscular car like the 4 comes out, it puts a topic like this to bed.

compared to

I don't see how you can compare. It makes the Audi look loke a caddy with those simple lines/angles. And this is an S5 for a proper comparison, I know the rims and what not on the 428i will be toned wayyyy down to what we have seen.

Sorry for the large pics, google search
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I LOVE the Audi A5. Its one of my favorite cars on the road right now because of how simple yet classy it is. I will have to wait to see a 4 series in person.

Would still take an E92 M3 over both tho.
A5 already looks outdated to me. Audi design is boring except for the R8 of course..
The 4-Series.

The Audi looks nice but the BMW looks nice + looks like it has a purpose. Audi looks like it's just made to sit there and look pretty (which it does a good job of)

Because the new 4-Series looks like a glorified Accord
My next car will be a 4 series gran coupe.. more than likely a m4 gran coupe..
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My personal opinion is that the 4series gran coupe is in a different league in its dynamic flare,,,, the a5 is still a v pretty machine but to my eyes almost looks dated when compared to the bmw! Guess we will have to wait an see in the metal itself!!!!
4 series without a doubt! Love the way it looks. So sleek and smooth. Never really been a fan of Audi anyways. BMW for life!
Sorry guys but my vote goes for the A5. Simple yet classy. The F32 is just too flashy. My neighbor has a bright red S5 and its pure sex. That exhaust note is :jack: He used to have a E39 M5 in silver.
4 series hands down, that 4 series gt looks gorgeous.
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