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Hi all new on here also a new driver and even newer to BMW
Ive got a 2004 320d es had it about 9month and i am starting to want to burn it:banghead:::evil:

In the last 6 weeks Its had new front control arms, rear bushes, track control arms suspension linkage thing disc and pads its had the tracking done and the wheels have been balanced and it still drives like a pig it bangs going over bumps its got an occasional wiggle under breaking it feels like it sways at the rear and its developed a vibration in the steering wheel and it steps out going round corners at any speed

It had the clutch and dualmass flywheel done couple of weeks before the above and I can feel vibration thru the accelerator the gearstick vibrates aswell i thought this was normal being a new driver and new to BMW but have been told by a friend it because the clucth plate hasnt been centred properly and thats the vibration when accelerating

Could somebody plz help with some advice Im starting to hate the car and think the machanics having my pants down

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