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Please help...

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I'm thinking about getting a new coupe (& sold my "old" 328ci). I'm thinking about getting the new 325ci or 330ci with the same ACS mods as now (see attached pic). I'm also thinking about buying a cabriolet...

Does anyone of you have some pictures of the new 2003er model (coupe & cabrio) with the facelift??

Thanks & bye! ;-)


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espinoza_e46: did you drop your car ?
What suspension are you using ?
and what tires are you using ??
thank you !
Hi Sicdfunsi!

>What suspension are you using?
I have the ACSchnitzer suspension, lowered by 3cm.

>what tires are you using ??
I have the 18" ACS Racing Type 3 & Michellin tyres (255/40 & 225/40).

As I wrote above, I'm thinking about buying a 2004 coupe or cabriolet. I will take all the mods to the new car (incl. tyres, front GT-R spoiler & mirrors)....

When will be the new model available in the US? Here in Germany it's expected in April 2004....
Thanks for answering espinoza_e46!
I am asking because I have 18" Type 3 Racings as well so I wanna get an idea of how it looks after I drop ...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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