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Please Help Rough Idle car stalls

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I have a 2001 330ci. I have replaced the vanos, all the hoses, spark splugs, and the DISA. Prior to replacing the DISA the car did not shake as bad. It was able to stay on and for the most part function. My mechanic has stated that the DISA needed to be replaced so i went ahead and did so. From that point on the car is really rough. The peake codes I get are F3, EF and F1 which are misfiring for cylinders 2,4, and 6. I went ahead and purchased the coils and no change what so ever. I ensured that I reconnected all the sensors I unplugged when installing the DISA ( MAF and DISA). I have searched online extensively and can't seem to find a solution. Can someone please provide me with any feedback. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,
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I found a little something, may help. not sure.

Yes! If the orange seal goes bad you will get a really bad vacuum leak. You will have mixture faults for running too lean and the car will run very rough at idle to the point where it will be misfiring. If you keep driving like this the misfire faults will cause the DME to shut down a cylinder.
Thanks Jagean I will definitely look into that....

Smith I did check the coils out and they are fine, no injectors codes

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Make sure every last one of your electrical connectors are plugged back in. People often leave one or two unplugged and always come here asking why they are stalling and experiencing rough idle. Just an idea. Good luck.
How old is your fuel filter and fuel pump? I was getting rough starts and really rough idle, and a new fuel filter cleared that right up. I have since installed a new fuel pump as well. Just a possibility....
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