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can someone please tell me what the symbol on the dashboard that is a gear with explanation point inside the gear. I am driving and I don't have a owners manual with me.

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Sequential M gearbox with
If the indicator lamp fails to go
out after the engine has been started,
or if it comes on during normal driving:
this indicates a malfunction in the system.
Please consult the nearest BMW
Indicator lamp flashes: a system overload
has occurred.
For additional information: refer to
page 71
page 71:
The gearbox indicator lamp in
the instrument cluster goes out
after the engine is started.
>If it does not go out, or if it lights up
during driving, a malfunction has
occurred. The available functions
may be limited under certain circumstances.
Drive carefully and with the Dynamic
Stability Control (DSC) activated.
Have the system checked by the
nearest BMW center
>If the indicator lamp flashes while
driving, the system is overloaded.
Avoid high loads until the indicator
lamp goes out again permanently.

Hope that helps

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