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Pirelli p-zero Nero (255/30-19) Rub no Rub??

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Anyone know if 255's in the rear on a 330Ci Sport owered with the Eibach Pro Kit (springs only) will rub?

Will fenders need to be rolled?

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You aren't giving enough info for people to answer your question. We need to know what you are running in the rear...19x9 19x9.5 and what's the offset? Or if you don't know the offset...what wheel is it?
330Pilot said:
the wheels are 19 X 8.5 all around. The wheel is ACS Type III.

Thanks for clarifying.
Well in that case...let's do this with some math...

info: 19x8.5 with a 255/3019 ACS Type III (et 43 I believe) any spacer???

conversion info: 1" = 2.54 cm = 25.4 mm

wheel width in mm = 8.5x25.4
wheel width in mm = 215.9 mm

center of rim = 215.9 mm /2
center of rim = 107.95 mm

distance from mounting surface to the outside edge of the rim (RIM ONLY)
= 215.9 mm - [107.95 mm + 43 mm]
= 64.95 mm

Now the assuming the tire is exactly centered in the rim...
How much will the tire stick out past the rim edge?
= 255 mm - 215.9 mm
= 39.1 mm / 2
= 19.55 mm

So how far are you past the mounting surface...
= 64.95 mm + 19.55 mm
= 84.5 mm

So...your tire will be 84.5 mm past the mounting surface at the furthest point.

On a sedan I believe I did this same calculation with Dev's setup for my own purposes. He had a 323i sedan and was 82.5 mm past the mounting surface. He rubbed occasionally, but I never found out if he rolled his rear fenders. I forget what tire size he had.

For you...I say would be alright on a coupe with 255/35/19 if you roll the rear fenders. But if you want to really safe...get the Pirelli 255/30/19. The 255/35/19 is +26.8 mm compared to stock...while the 255/30/19 is only +1.3 mm

You will be fine with 255/30/19's on an 19x8.5 ACS Type 3 et 43 on a ci. That's my conclusion. Without rolling the fenders too.
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