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Pioneer Full Size Double Din Installation Soon - Some Uncertainties

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I am installing an almost new Pioneer AVS-2330NEX DD DVD unit in my 328Ci with the Hifi system, not HK. It is a DVD unit and hence not shallow. Thus far, I have procured the following items:
  1. The AVS-2330NEX referenced above. Unit is pretty nice with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HD radio etc.
  2. A new Pioneer NDBC8 back-up camera. Need to figure out how I will mount this camera. Will at least run the wire from the head unit to the trunk initially. Will also tap the appropriate leads from the radio harness to the parking brake and reverse wires in the shifter (if possible), hand brake area of the console.
  3. This Metra (95-9313B) installation kit.
  4. This Scosche (ICBW1BN) wiring harness and antenna adapter. I will also buy a spare one (BW01B) as I believe the plug is missing the SWC wire. Will transplant a wire into the connector I use.
  5. This steering wheel interface (Crux SWR-A). The Crux site indicates this is compatible with the 328Ci. I could have got this Crux (SWRBM-57K) but saved a good bit on the SWR-A. Hopefully it works.
Main Question at this time; may have more as I start.
  1. A Crutchfield advisor indicated that I would need a line output converter and recommended this unit (Crux CS-LOC1). Do I really need a LOC for my non-HK 328Ci?
TIA for any leads etc.
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I just stumbled upon your thread, as I am installing a new Pioneer 7600NEX in my Wife's 330Ci 'Vert, and want to add a backup camera. I have been looking at the illuminated license plate light mounted cameras, but am concerned about picture quality, especially at night. What model camera did you install, and how do you like it?


I decided I wanted a centrally mounted camera, so I wne with a license plate mount, and will run the wire through therubber seal of the trunk release. I am also using an RCA extension from the head unit to allow me to easily change the camera without tearing apart the dash again. It's a CCD camera sovwe'll see how it turns out!
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