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Hi people. Here's the situation....

THE CAR: 2002 BMW 325Ci

THE PROBLEM: I'm adding a Pioneer CDX-1250 (12 disc) CD changer to the factory Business CD stereo (non-H-K, no DSP, no NAV)

I tried a used Periperal interface (BMWPILA v6.0) and everything hooked up and works beautifully -- for a while. Then the CD function acts erratically. (Plays fine sometimes, other times it plays for 30 seconds, then stops, plays same track for a few seconds, then freezes up the whole system). The only "cure" is to unplug the interface and plug it back in and the CD works... for a while. Then it freezes up.

Thinking it was my CD player, I replaced it with a new one (another Pioneer CDX-1250)... and sill the same problem.

What do you think? A bad interface? Maybe the wrong interface for my application?

Peripheral's (rather confusing) Web site seems to indicate that ANY of the following will work for a Pioneer CDX-1250 in a 2002 325ci without Harmon Kardon, DSP or NAV:

BMW PILX v 8.0

Other car audio sites say that any Peripheral interface says "BMWPILA" (no matter what version number), should work.

Any experience with this problem? Suggestions?


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