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so your selling these units? If so, I'm intrested ( i need sand). How is the quality?

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That is nice... do you have specs on the screen? So those are OEM head rest? I have Sand but leatherette... is that possible to get? Also can you post a pic with it removed? Thanks

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They offer sand and don't specify leatherette ,i'd assume their all leather.

Specs areas follows:
7.0” Active Matrix Display 16:9 Wide Screen Ratio
Resolution: 1440 X 234
2 Composite Video Inputs
Built-in Wireless IR Headphone Transmitter with Stereo Input (2.3MHz/2.8MHz)
User Select 3-Channel Wireless FM Modulator ON/OFF/SEL Buttons on Headrest Monitor (ANT-109 FM Modulator sold separately)
Viewing Angle: Left/Right: 65°, Top: 40°, Down: 65°
30° Pivot Adjustment for Multiple Viewing Angles
Brightness Rating: 300 cd/m2 (NIT)
NTSC / PAL Auto Switching
OSD On Screen Display
Auto Shut Off Feature
Wireless Remote Control
IR Sensor Input for DVD Player
Power On/Off Switch
Full Menu Control Buttons
Dimensions: 8.9” X 5.7” X 1.3”
1 - 20 of 38 Posts