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pics of my WHITE fog lights

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wassup everyone,

just wanted to show off my fake cheap HID look fog lights that i got installed today. it looks much better than the stock yellow fog lights. They are from Dantra. Made in Korea. $50 installed :D

BTW, i got my clear reflectors from F1 sports in ebay. actually, i bought my first reflectors from procarparts in ebay but their's didnt fit so i got pissed and threw them away. so i got another pair from ebay, this time from F1 sports. i went to their store just in case it doesnt fit. The blinkers are just cheap white bulbs. didnt want to put hyper whites cuz dont want to attract cops too much.

well, well, well, the driver's side did not fit again. so i got the owner of the place come out and make it fit by grinding it here and there.

anyway, how do i post multiple pics in one thread? i tried testing it in the test board but couldnt figure it out :cry:


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simsima325 said:
now the fogs look blu-er than the headlights, gonna upgrade to 6000k xenons? :banghead: these pics make me wish i went for xenons over halogens :banghead:
nah, dont wanna spend too much on my car that wont make a very big difference. plus, i personally think it looks cooler with the slightly bluer fogs :pimpin:
M3911t said:
looks PHAT :pimpin: whered u get it from in LA.
i got it at Hallelujah Auto Sound (323-661-7131) at Beverly and Harvard which is where i also got my titanuim tints which i think they did a bad job. but anyways, i'm sure u can go to any shop like this and have the lights replaced. any cheap fake HID bulbs will do the job.

BTW, they tell me titanium tints can take up to a MONTH to fully settle in with the windows and when i ask them about all the little bubbles on my window (there's a lot!!!) they just keep telling me i have to wait. of course i could have them replaced when it stays that way but it is really possible to take up to a month for a friggin tint to stick with the windows?

i had my last three cars tinted at that shop and they did a good job (those were with regular tint, not metallic), so i'm just waiting to see how it turns out, but all that bubble on my rear window and passenger side is bugging me. funny thing is, the driver's side tint is clean and settled in except it still has couple of very small bubble with even smaller white spots. Will this kind of bubble also go away? I think the tint is by Quantum or sumthing. Any tint experts out there?:dunno:
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