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Hi guys,

Would someone have a photo that shows where the fuel pump relay switch is (relative to say the glove box or fuse panel) for a '05 325i? My car decided not to turn over today and after spending some time in the forums, I'm convinced it related to fuel pump. Prior to taking my car into the shop, I've read that its a good idea to test the fuel pump relay. However, this simple task swapping the horn and fuel pump relay was stalled when I couldn't find where the darn relays are. The relays are suppose to be "behind the glove box", but I'm clearly not looking in the right place. I've unhooked my glovebox, looked behind it, pulled down the fuse panel, looked up, looked back, and I still can't see anything that resembles the switches or carrier as shown in the link below:

Any help is appreciated.

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