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These parts came off of my 2005 330i (see below) - All work was completed by Eric over at Autohaus Frankfurt in Murrieta, Ca. With under 10K on these parts everything is virtually brand new and in awesome condition.

1) F/R Dinan Brembo Red big brake set - $4,000.00: 355mm Rotors with Aluminum Hats (Stock 330 Rotors Measure 325mm), 4-Piston, Aluminum Calipers , Goodridge DOT/TUV Approved Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Mounting Brackets and Assembly Hardware and Dinan-spec Ferodo Brake Pads with Sensor Provision. Will fit 18" wheels and larger.

2) Dinan High Flow Throttle Body - $400.00: Dinan's High Flow Throttle Bodies improve intake air flow for additional horsepower and torque gains. The internal diameter of the stock throttle body is bored 9% larger.

3) Dinan Rear Strut Brace - $300.00: The Shock Tower Brace provides improved chassis rigidity at the rear of the car for superior handling.

4) Racing Dynamics Exhaust system from headers to tip - $2,000.00: The RDSport Headers for the 6 cylinder 3 Series are the state of the art in performance tuning for your BMW motor. These units replace the inefficient original equipment units with equal-length tuned pipes. These units are 100% stainless steel and are made in Italy. On many nationalized versions of the Z4, replacing the headers eliminates the OE catalytic converters, which can cause malfunctioning of the motor and is against the law. The RDSport Metal Matrix Sport Cats are designed to work with our headers and deliver superior performance with maintaining emissions within legal limits. Please check your local regulations before installing. Finally the latest version of the Racing Dynamics Sport Rear Silencer features a hyper-efficient pass-through construction with full 50mm. pipes that jettison the exhaust gasses through our twin oval tips.

5) Active Autowerkes Stage II Supercharger, oil cooler and intercooler - $3,000.00 - this supercharger setup includes software upgrade!!! Will fit both manual/automatic 328/330 transmissions!!!! See pictures for custom piping for the intercooler setup: Active Autowerke’s 330i supercharger kit delivers instantaneous power and low end torque in amounts far beyond what the bimmer factory gods intended. Specifically designed to run with 91-93 octane pump fuel and your stock engine management system, this system uses our dyno-tuned software adjustments to manage ignition, fuel, vanos, rev limits, speed governors, etc – all programmed into the same onboard computer your 330i was born with. So the performance mutation from normal to ‘extra-assertive’ is smooth and dependable, and totally reversible to stock. Even our oil cooling upgrade is self contained and non-intrusive of the factory oil system. Nothing beats a complete bolt on supercharger system. Bottom line: you get to experience M3 performance in a 330i at an incredibly affordable price. No need to sacrificing drivability, comfort, integrity or amenities that you have grown to love. That’s an evolution worth pursuing.

The stage 2 system raises the boost levels of this incredible supercharger system and includes a Active Autowerke air to air front mount intercooler. The intercooler helps prevent heat soak and delivers superior performance. With the matching software at the heart of the system the stage 2 system proves to be the ultimate kit for the enthusiast looking to maximize their 328's potential.

Call me if you're interested. All parts are located in Murrieta, Ca. I'll ship anywhere in the continental US at buyers expense.

Call/or Text me at (949) 456-1073


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