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Hey I am parting out 1997 BMW M3/2 Everything must go.....or you can buy the entire car from me.....for 8k dollars....

Email me with questions....

Engine and Drivetrain parts

S52 3.2 21k miles complete w/ 5spd. Trans., DME, Wiring Harness, oil pan, clutch, flyweel- $4,950.00
M44 1.9 65k miles complete w/ Trans., DME, Wiring Harness, oil pan, - $1100.00
Auto tranny (M44)- $350.00
3.23 Differntial- $595.00 (20k miles)
4.44 Differntial- $225.00 (65k miles)
M3 Driveshaft 21k miles- $175.00
Ti Driveshaft 65k miles- $100.00
Stock M3 Clutch and Flywheel (45k) $325.00
Ti stock Exhaust- $100.00/ $150.00 with Cats

Suspension and Wheels

Hamann HM2’s w/ New Dunlop W10s- $1500.00
20 Spk. M3 rims 2 bent w/ 4 Good tires- $395.00
M3 Complete suspension directly off car- $400.00
M3 Rear Brakes- $175.00
M3 ABS Computer- $175.00
M3 ABS Pump- $200.00
Ti Front suspension-$100.00
Ti Front- $100.00
Passenger Side M3 Front Strut-$35.00
Passenger Side M3 Lower control Arm- $50.00


M3 Sunroof Cassette- $300.00
97 M3 Cluster 21k miles- $225.00
Ti Cluster 65k miles- $75.00
M3 Airbag Module- $175.00
M3 OBC unit- $135.00
2 M3 Stock Head Units- $ 60.00 each
M3 Sunroof Motor- $85.00
M3 Window Motors- $50.00 each
M3 Wiper Motor- $50.00
M3 Wiper Trans.- $50.00
M3 Cruise Control- $50.00

Interior parts and Access.

Front and Rear Black Vaders (manual) (heated)- $1200.00
(won't separate)
Front and Rear Black Sport Seats- $500.00 (won't separate)
M3 Airbags - Passenger $125.00
M3 Grey REAR Floor Mats- $20.00
Ti New Steering Wheel- $100.00 with airbag..175.00
M3 Sun Visors (Black)- $45.00
M3 Leather Shift Knob- $55.00
M3 Center Console w/o Armrest- 100.00
M3 Black Carpet- 200.00 F & R
M3 Trunk Mat- $35.00
M3 Front Seat belts- $25.00 each
M3 Tweeters- $15.00 each (4)
M3 Speakers- $25.00 (4)
All kinds of Dash Parts and Acces.- 5.00 and up
All kinds of M3 Buttons and Switches- $5.00 and up

Exterior Parts and Access.

M3 Front Bumper needs Work- $950.00
M3 Side Skirts- 175.00 need minor work
M3 Rear Bumper w/o Diffuser needs work- $125.00
M3 Rear Wind Deflectors- $45.00
Ti Stock Tail Lamps- $65.00
Ti Door sills- $35.00
M3 Passenger Side Mirror- $95.00 (red)
M3 Mirror Housing- 35.00$
M3 Right Side Stock Tail Lamp- $35.00
Gas cap- $7.00
M3 Gas Cap Lid (Red)- $25.00
Hood Shocks- 10.00 each (2)
Passenger M3 Mouldings- $55.00
M3 Passneger Door w/window- $500.00
M3 Seals- $15.00 each

Wrecked 1997 M3 Chassis w/ Title


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Which steering wheel and air bag do you have? I have a 98 M3 and I assume our cars are pretty much the same cosmetically right? Can you describe the wheel or better yet....send me a pic?

One last silly question.........What does "Ti" mean?? :thumbup:


Suck it easy.............
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S52 3.2 21k miles complete w/ 5spd. Trans., DME, Wiring Harness, oil pan, clutch, flyweel- $4,950.00

:yikes: :yikes:
oh man that is so tempting :tsk:
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