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Apologies if I've missed this while searching - but I'm trying to work out why something that happened on my old E46, isn't happening on my current one.

I had a Parrot ck3000 evo installed in my old (2004 04) E46, and when a call came in the head unit would display "Phone" and if a CD was playing it would pause as well as mute the audio as expected.

I've since got a newer model (2004 54 Facelift) E46 - this time with a CD head unit, and I've had a Parrot ck3100 (The one with the display) and this doesn't happen.

The place I've had it installed say it never does on any car - but my old car did this and I would like to try and get it sorted.

I've checked into SOT leads - but they all seem the same - can anyone tell me...

Is this a "Head Unit Specific" feature?
Could I need to use a specific SOT lead?
Am I missing something really simple?!

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Kind Regards,

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