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Parking brake adjustment -- tighten cable nuts?

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Can a loose parking brake be adjusted simply by tightening down the two cable nuts at the handbrake boot?

My Bentley Manual, every DIY video I've found, and my forum researching all walk me through a standard adjustment procedure of re-adjusting the star wheel at the parking brake shoes, etc.

A mechanic friend says, Nope. Just tighten the cable nuts at the boot.

I've done that and my loose handbrake stroke has gone from topping out at 12 clicks down to a very tight 3 or 4.

But I don't know... It's so simple. No one says why not.

Have I done something wrong? Have I ignited a time bomb?
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The process is designed to keep the gap between the brake shoe and the drum consistent in the off position. Less handle travel before contact.
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