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Let me first say that I have been searching this and other forums to see if I could fix my problem. I know that it is a cylinder #3 misfire. I just changed the spark plugs back in December when I had a cylinder #5 cold start misfire (cant remember the code).

This started about a week ago (Saturday 3-5-11) while my wife was driving the car to work. The CEL came one and car ran rough during a 75% throttle pressure. She called me from work and told me what happened, I told her to start the car and it ran fine upon restart. After pulling the code (P1347), I searched for a little bit and decided to swap the coils of cylinders #3 and #4. I took the car out on the freeway and it had no issues until I put the throttle to the floor. I then pulled over and checked the code and again it was P1347. When I restarted the car it ran fine all the way home. I told her to watch the amount of throttle she gave it and to let me know if it happened again.

Everything was running OK until this Friday (3-11-11), she had just pulled off the freeway and it occurred again. This time it there were two codes P1347 and P0128. I had her top off the coolant with distilled water for the P0128. She cleared both codes and the car started and ran fine after that.

I happened again this morning (Sunday 3-13-11) while driving a back road on her way to a soccer game. I don't know what the issue is, so I turn to you guys to see if anyone can help. Tomorrow I am planning on replacing the spark plug in cylinder #3, I'm hoping thats all it is. I guess my next step is the Fuel injector. Is that something that i could just switch with another cylinder to check? Or, am I going to just bite the bullet and buy a new one? And, how complicated is it to change an injector on our engines?

Sorry for the long story.

Thanks in advance,
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