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Oil Separator drain hose and smog system leaks

I just got done replacing the 323Ci's starter. :hmm: :ben: :idea: :excited:

When I disconnected the bracket for the dipstick, I noticed the oil drain-back hose had turned to mush, like gum. One thing no one has mentioned is that you can easily reach the top up under the intake manifold if you remove the air filter, and the dipstick pulls right out (it only has a O-ring holding it), that the drain's lower end attaches to in a Y-bracket.
I just used a piece of 1/2" hose, and pushed it onto the old clip at the top and the Y at the bottom of the dipstick tube, which is easy if you pull it out a little bit.

I also discovered on the left (passenger) side of the engine the little 8" long twisted hose from a 3" diam. solonoid to the 6" black round smog air pump had disintegrated at the bottom elbow, so that one is worthy of checking out, too, if you want to pass a Smog Test.

At the back right corner of the intake manifold (need to remove the Cabin Filter housing to get there) is a small black/white check valve for the same smog system. It's tiny vacuum hoses had disintegrated, and the tube had come off the white end. I replaced the little tubes and glued them on with silicone. The 3rd hose from the vacuum switch goes behind the engine, wraps around it, and goes to the solonoid in the front. That little vacuum hose had broken, too, at the end of the rod-like part where it passes by the Injector harness.
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