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OP - Welcome...

Would you please break your posts into smaller sentences and paragraphs? It was hard to follow.
Also, If you are using voice to text to post, I suggest you stop doing so, or at least edit it..

Overheats are pretty bad in these cars. They can lead to a warped cylinder head in 30 seconds. They need to be fixed aggressively...You likely do not have a bad temperature gauge, and a thermostat can cause an overheat, but usually not.

Everybody on these forums wants to fix their own car for as little $$ as possible...Fine, but do you have the skills and the tools? You might be better off bringing it to a non-dealer BMW specialist. Once you get it fixed, running and cooling, you can do other work yourself.

You say you have no leaks, no heat, but coolant is flowing. This is a near impossibility. It sounds to me like you have a flow problem. Your water pump may be bad or there may be something (like hardened stop leak) that is preventing coolant from moving around..The cooling system may also have an air pocket or bubble.

I suggest you take it to a qualified non-dealer BMW specialist.
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