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out of fuel?

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So I just had a really strange problem this morning. While driving to work my 325ci started to stall when I applied the throttle. I was nearly at work and made it to the parking lot. At the parking lot I let the car idle while I used my OBD to read any fault codes. There were none.

While idling the car died. When I started it again, it would run for a second or two en die.

I called roadside assistance. After listening to the car he said it sounded like there was no fuel. He banged on the gas tank with a hammer to maybe get the fuel pump going while I was starting the car, but it made no difference. He then gave me a jerry can and told me to get 5L of gas from the gas station nearby.

After adding the gas, the car started immediately and ran smooth. I drove to the gas station and fill her up. So here comes the strange part.

The gas meter indicated that there was 1/4 left in the tank and the board computer indicated I could still drive 130km. I’ve added 5.67L trough the jerry can and I’ve added another 48.63L at the gas station (maybe I could have topped her of even more by 1 or 2L if I had waited). So 54.3L in total.

The fuel capacity of the E46 325ci is 65L. So this leads me to believe the fuel indicator and board computer aren't wrong. But when adding the first 5L she started immediately.

Any ideas?
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oh it’s been so long thought the seal came with the pump.
get it from the dealer. when in a bind which is thee correct when there are two choices and it’s critical I just buy both. that way when committed to the job I can finish it. then take back the unused one later.
btw have you ever changed the fuel filter?
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