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Hey all welcome to my first post!

I was looking for something a little more winter friendly and practical to pair with my s50 swapped e30. Finding a 5spd xi was not easy, but not impossible. Saw this touring on craigslist all the way in San Francisco. 2 owners, 80k miles, tan interior, 5spd and bone stock. About 4 weeks later the wagon arrived in NY.
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Car

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window

First impressions - wow that clutch is light compared to my e30! Pretty sure it's nearing the end of its life.. only grabs at the very top of the pedal. Interior is in great shape and the ride is nice. Came with extensive service records - the first owner didn't even change the lightbulbs himself! Recent receipts include a new coolant reservoir, water pump, hoses, etc. That was a great surprise.

With the cooling being fully sorted (hopefully), next thing on the list was updating the head unit. I went with the Eonon 9450b. It's not the most OEM looking unit, but for just $250 it was hard to go with the other options. I used the dynavin HVAC relocation bracket. Fairly easy install, bit of a pain to trim the din slot to fit the screen. I used a jig saw blade clamped to a pair of vice grips. Works great for carplay.

Car Gear shift Vehicle Speedometer Motor vehicle

Car Vehicle Gear shift Speedometer Car seat cover

Wheels were next. I found a set of staggered ZHP wheels with lightly used blizzaks on them. Great deal.

Car Vehicle Land vehicle Plant Automotive lighting

Loaded up for a quick ride to a buddy's place with a little more driveway space.

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Window

That's all for now.

Near future to do list:
  • Clear side markers, front corners and euro tails + new emblems
  • H&R sport springs + B8s all around
  • Mini H1 retrofit
  • Mtech 2 bumper (ordered, stuck in Latvia until January)
  • Alcantara boot set + zhp knob
  • Replace floormats (maybe black?)
  • Repair back seat cupholder - the cover/trap door part is broken. One of the retaining pins on the side is snapped off. Car came with another fold down/ski pass section in the wrong color as a core for this if possible. Anyone ever fix this?
  • Gloss black grills + gloss black chrome wrap
  • Replace front passenger window regulator
  • Replace drivers door lock actuator
  • Replace rear differential bushing
  • Wheel stud kit - these lugs are nasty looking and figured I would just go with studs in the event some spacers are needed.
Wish list
  • M54B30 swap (+supercharger? :devilish:) - Would love an s54 swap but it seems to be like a lot of trouble.
  • Summer wheels, don't have anything particular in mind. Style 32, M parallels.. Not sure.
  • Sport seats - I used to have an e46 M3 and I miss them

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Plant Automotive lighting

Bonus e30 pic

Thanks for reading!


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