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modder fokker
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Amount Product Price
CFK: Coal fibre strengthened plastic from the Formula 1
front-spoiler bumper_CFK 1.227,10 Euro
fenders complete 2 pieces_CFK 945,89 Euro
page theresholdes 2 pieces_CFK 1.278,23 Euro
wides rear 2 pieces_CFK 613,55 Euro
rear tie_CFK 971, 46 Euro
Insertpiece for rear tie by original exhaust alignmen_CFK 153, 39 Euro
Diffuser_CFK 1.022,59 Euro
rear cover with strengthening_CFK 1.022,59 Euro
ITC double rear wing_CFK 1.380, 49 Euro
motor-hood M3_CFK 1.073,71 Euro
tank tube for 120 liters in car boot_CFK 1.150, 41 Euro
underfloor casing for motor-cubically_CFK 306,78 Euro
door disguise for Coupe_CFK 511, 29 Euro
doors for Coupe_CFK 2.147, 43 Euro
mirror M3 with inboard ventilation, without glass__CFK 409, 03 Euro
GFK: Glas fibre strengthened plastic
front-spoiler bumper_GFK 858,97 Euro
fenders complete 2 pieces_GFK 662,12 Euro
page theresholdes 2 pieces_GFK 894,76 Euro
wides rear 2 pieces_GFK 429,49 Euro
rear tie_GFK 680, 02 Euro
Insertpiece for rear tie by original exhaust alignmen_GFK 107, 37 Euro
ITC double rear wing_GFK 966, 34 Euro
All prices plus German Taxes.

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Yeah, bg showed me that!! Pretty cheap! :rolleyes: Let me just sell my house and I should be able the afford a body kit!! :yikes: :D

I'll give the :pimpin: Of The Year award to anyone that orders it!!

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minus the wing... I'm ON IT. heheh

when the M3 V8 comes out in 2005, pending the new bodystyles, I'll have it, with the wide-body kit. :D

mark my words...

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Re: on a note look at that front. Looks wierd

Pmmeke said:
That is the kit on the red widebody M3 in BMW ALLIANZ. The reason it looks weird in that picture is because they added "aero-splitters" on the side.


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That's a cool kit...

But it's gonna be very difficult to drive...
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