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Ok, now we've done it:)

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Well, yes, it's done again. DDE just got brighter. Starting on March 18th, all shipments from that day forward are 60% brighter

But, but, I just ordered

If you've ordered and you've paid, you get the brighter ones for free, if you've not received shipment yet.

If you've ordered in the last pre-payment, you got the LumenX Enhancement for free but not this brighter kit.

You can pay for the upgraded lighting if you like, though prices are not yet determined for those, contact me for details.

Prove it
Pictures coming soon, for now, it's just:
Brand Rev1 = 101.3 lumens (existing LumenX)
Brand Rev2 = 168.4 lumens (LumenX rev 2)

ok, ok, where do I sign up?
Just go to my site www.umnitza.com - the info is already updated there.

Now for the fun stuff.
You can order from VinnyMac, Bimmian, or myself.

You get tapped into the Installer network that way.


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Either it's me or it's the poor quality a photo can actually represent but, the DDEs that I see currently seem way too bright for its purpose. Actually it looks like the whole headlight casing is lit up.

Why isn't this so with regular daytime running light pictures?
umnitza said:
Yes, you get Gen V.

Dukes, if you take a few second to look at my signature, I have a picture of a car with DRLs on them (the M5), and you can see the same affect.

The camera just doesn't meter that well, it's not the photographer it's the limitations of hte camera:(
So how many lumens do the OEM M5 lights kick out?
Also, what is the InV1si-Mirror™? Your site doesn't exactly explain what it is or what it does.

umnitza said:
The InV1si-Mirror is being worked on as we speak. It's just taking time to get the right chemical balance. It's a hidden display of the concealed display unit from the V1 into the rear view mirror.
umnitza, would you mind explaining it to me like to a 2-year old? I still don't know exactly what you're talking about. :dunno:

Is it some kind of HUD displayed on the rear-view mirror?
umnitza said:
yes, that's exactly what we've been waiting for to get the kits mailed out.

Dukes - ok, you asked for it, I have a 1yr old and 4 yr old, so here goes.

you have mirror
you have Valentine1 Radar Detector
you want to hide radar detector
you buy concealed display unit
where to mount this concealed unit ??? :dunno
you decide into mirror of car
you can't do it
it's hard
you call Umnitza
Umnitza is working on it
Umnitza will get it so that concealed unit is inside the mirror
You no longer worry that nice policeman confiscates your V1

The long and short of it is Dukes, you've hit it right on the "head" = it's HUD for the concealed display.
I have a 4 year old too. Moments of clarity are priceless. :thumbup:

1 - 5 of 39 Posts
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