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Ok, now we've done it:)

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Well, yes, it's done again. DDE just got brighter. Starting on March 18th, all shipments from that day forward are 60% brighter

But, but, I just ordered

If you've ordered and you've paid, you get the brighter ones for free, if you've not received shipment yet.

If you've ordered in the last pre-payment, you got the LumenX Enhancement for free but not this brighter kit.

You can pay for the upgraded lighting if you like, though prices are not yet determined for those, contact me for details.

Prove it
Pictures coming soon, for now, it's just:
Brand Rev1 = 101.3 lumens (existing LumenX)
Brand Rev2 = 168.4 lumens (LumenX rev 2)

ok, ok, where do I sign up?
Just go to my site www.umnitza.com - the info is already updated there.

Now for the fun stuff.
You can order from VinnyMac, Bimmian, or myself.

You get tapped into the Installer network that way.


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Who would have thought we'd see the day when the DDE versions would surpass the number of Rocky sequals?
umnitza said:
Rocky has 6 :p
Well no definitive answer on if there will be a 6.

Besides, I have FAITH in you guys over there. Will DDE technology surpass medical technology to keep Sylvestor Stallone in the ring? Oh I THINK SO.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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