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oil question

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so im pretty much sold on amsoil 0-30 for my summer/warmer nice weather months oil.

but for a winter oil, what do you all recommend. i'd rather not use castrol and i have this feeling you guys are going to recommend 5/10-30 mobil 1.
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I would recommend either staying with amsoil 0-W30 or going with Mobil 1 0-W40. I have the Mobil 1 and i feel the car is much smoother than the BMW oil with 10k miles on it. I know stupid to wait so long but whatever. It's been fine with the cold weather here in Boston.

Both are great oils. You might save some $$ going with mobil 1.
Oh, and let me add by saying that 0-W40 is also what I use during summer months in Miami where it get HOT as shiet and there is NO problem at all. I feel its better than the 5W stuff.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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