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***Official Light Setup Picture Thread***

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Alright guys, post up your lighting setup. Try to include as much info as you can and update your posts if you get newer pics, etc.

2002 330i with:

AL projectors
6000k DDM Tuning hid bulbs
35 watt ballasts, oem

Umnitza Orion V2 angel eyes (1st gen)

Aftermarket M3 fog lights
3000k DDM Tuning hid bulbs
55 watt ballasts

Low beam output on light beige wall

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I'm still getting used to this, but I'm really interested in your setup, anyway you could help me out?!
Stock, haha. I just got it. It's a 2001 330i. I've been looking around and have heard great reviews on morimoto's products. (http://www.theretrofitsource.com) I see you used DDM, what is the reason for choosing them over others? Just trying to make sure to buy the best quality stuff the first time !
The DDM is from a long time ago. I do not use their junk :p

You have xenon or halogen lights? You can use my vid to help you determine that

Wow, speechless right now, thank you SO much! You definitely saved me a lot of time and researching!
No problem man, enjoy your new lights! I would buy the new lenses asap and get them in. The entire front of the car will look new and even the halogen lights will provide more output.
Luxen (Lüxen) LED Headlight Fog Light Bulb 40W 5000 lumen (per bulb) 6000K


And here are some photos of the comparison - OUR bulb, generic LED bulbs, and a 35W HID bulb

We were able to do a preliminary test yesterday on a vehicle.
Notice on the passenger side how much more full the headlight looks. The completely headlight reflector is filled with light, while the HID driver's side is only 50%-60% illuminated.

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First, thank you for all of your contribution to the forum. Much respect.

Since this thread has developed over the years, I wanted to clarify a few things before making any purchases and hoping to get some advice from you. I love what you have going on the above photo. I currently have a stock xenon and am going with your suggested Osram CBI and Osram px26d. I imagine a clear lens is in order? Any current suggestions? Am i missing anything else? upgraded ballasts?
Skaper, thank you :thumbup:

I don't recall if the headlights that you have take the ZKW clear lenses due to the possible smaller size (might be 2.5" over 3" so I would measure them first to see what they are) If they are 3" then get the ZKW clear lenses. They will give you the nice crisp and colorful cutoff after some minor spacing adjustments with the washers. If the lens that you have is smaller then I'm not sure what you need to get. I would ask the guys on hidplanet and see what they say.

The ballast is not necessary to change unless you are having issues with them. But for when the time comes I would buy the Denso ballasts and pot them before installation.
Cheers! I'll post up photos when complete. Super stoked for this!

I just changed my foglights (facelift) to 6000k LED ones. The output is not crazy on them but I just wanted to match the angel eyes. I'll take pics of her tonight or tomorrow.

I am going crazy with my passenger headlight. I still got my CBIs in there, love them. But the light decides to flicker once in a while. I changed igniter and the ballasts (yesterday) and it still does it. I even sent the CBIs a while back to TheRetrofitSource to see if maybe they were faulty and they had no problems with the bulbs. :banghead: I guess I shall check for a loose connection somewhere.
jkid, let us know what the issue was. Which bulbs did you buy for the fog lights?
Honestly I have zero clue what the issue might be. The thing is, it's not a steady flickering, its just sometimes when I might brake hard, or when the road is bumpy. I have changed the ballasts, the igniter in that side, even checked the tail lights for the ground issue (it was already fixed). Last thing to do is get some Philips 85122+ or Morimoto's XBs. I am really starting to think I have the first bad CBI bulb :banghead:

The bulbs were given to me from a buddy who didn't want them because he wanted yellow ones. He said he got it from superbrightled and after a quick search they are the 28SMD DRL bulbs. I keep forgetting to take photos. Tomorrow I shall do have some.
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