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Official Automatic to 6-speed Swap

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First off, I would like thank Neil1138, ivegotissues666, and xmltok. Without their DIY’s and information from posts I probably wouldn’t have decided to do this. My intention with this DIY thread is not to dwell on what has already been covered but to share my experience, reinforce things I found necessary, point out differences in my conversion, and above all explain the wiring piece well.

Second, if you are fairly skilled mechanically, can assemble Legos, and have a desire to solve complex puzzles, you will probably do well at this. While you don’t have to be an OCD perfectionist, it might help.
Before you get started there are several things you must do, no matter whether want to or not. If you plan on doing this yourself you must research realOEM.com and find out mechanically where all these pieces are and why you need them. As model years progressed, some parts on the cars also changed slightly so the parts required may be slightly different from one build to another. Know your own vehicle well prior to starting.

Overall once I got started this took me 4 days. I did all the work myself, with a few emails with knowledgeable members.

All the photos for this are in my media library here: TitaniumCranium
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for those whose cars would not start, what did you do to get it running? mine will not start and I desperately need it to. all my wires are correct and we checked voltages on them and they all seem to work. however up by the dme I don't think we got a signal from that wire, but I cant remember. pls help!!!
I did a 5spd in my 325. Check the part numbers for the flywheels on real oem, if they are different do some further research to see if they are interchangeable, which they probably are.
Good luck bro, you wont regret it
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