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Official Automatic to 6-speed Swap

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First off, I would like thank Neil1138, ivegotissues666, and xmltok. Without their DIY’s and information from posts I probably wouldn’t have decided to do this. My intention with this DIY thread is not to dwell on what has already been covered but to share my experience, reinforce things I found necessary, point out differences in my conversion, and above all explain the wiring piece well.

Second, if you are fairly skilled mechanically, can assemble Legos, and have a desire to solve complex puzzles, you will probably do well at this. While you don’t have to be an OCD perfectionist, it might help.
Before you get started there are several things you must do, no matter whether want to or not. If you plan on doing this yourself you must research realOEM.com and find out mechanically where all these pieces are and why you need them. As model years progressed, some parts on the cars also changed slightly so the parts required may be slightly different from one build to another. Know your own vehicle well prior to starting.

Overall once I got started this took me 4 days. I did all the work myself, with a few emails with knowledgeable members.

All the photos for this are in my media library here: TitaniumCranium
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to anyone that did this swap - did you guys just leave the shifter cable connected to the steering column?

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Yup - just tucked all those cables and connectors out of the way under the console
im guessing the same goes to the auto trans harness like below? just tucked them zip tie somewhere safe?

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whats the best way to cut out the clutch opening for this under cover? dremel?

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check neils diy 5 speed. Someone posted a wiring schematics there for an older style pedals. No need to upgrade to a newer style pedal.
^^ not neil, someone else. It's in the middle pages of that DIY sorry I don't have it bookmarked. Shouldnt be too hard to missed, that post mention how to wire a 3 + 3 pin older style pedal. This diy is for the newer style 4 pin clutch.
wow, thanks, i was going to make an ecs order but i might try my local dealer first.
check under the shift boot (remove the shifter trim), there is 2pcs 3 wire connection there thats unused now and you might cut it instead. not sure if this will fit but i was looking at it yesterday they look identical.
i'll take a look at that. mine is 10/1999, when i go to realOEM it shows the 4 pin clutch switch module and says "to March '01", i was hoping i could just follow titaniumcranium's instructions and be good
just did this on my 328i engine (used to be 2000 323i wagon).. same pedal set as yours. remove and throw that white 4pin connector as you'll be using the one in your car.

wiring below post #332, coding is post #322 by Terra.

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