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Official Automatic to 6-speed Swap

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First off, I would like thank Neil1138, ivegotissues666, and xmltok. Without their DIY’s and information from posts I probably wouldn’t have decided to do this. My intention with this DIY thread is not to dwell on what has already been covered but to share my experience, reinforce things I found necessary, point out differences in my conversion, and above all explain the wiring piece well.

Second, if you are fairly skilled mechanically, can assemble Legos, and have a desire to solve complex puzzles, you will probably do well at this. While you don’t have to be an OCD perfectionist, it might help.
Before you get started there are several things you must do, no matter whether want to or not. If you plan on doing this yourself you must research realOEM.com and find out mechanically where all these pieces are and why you need them. As model years progressed, some parts on the cars also changed slightly so the parts required may be slightly different from one build to another. Know your own vehicle well prior to starting.

Overall once I got started this took me 4 days. I did all the work myself, with a few emails with knowledgeable members.

All the photos for this are in my media library here: TitaniumCranium
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So I finally got the transmission I got off ebay...and to my surprise, it's a Getrag, not a ZF. The seller insisted it came out of a 330i ZHP. Does anyone know whether the ZHP ever came with a Getrag transmission?
Pretty sure the only Getrags were the 5 speed used in the 323/325 and the 6 speed used in the M3/M5/540.

If my Google fu is up to date:

Getrag 420G (M3):

ZF GS6-37BZ (330):

5 speeds:

Getrag S5D-250G (323/325):

ZF S5D-320Z (330):

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Instead of hack this the way I did the first time through, just use the correct wiring connector in the first place.

Genuity first figured this out. I knew I'd seen the configuration before but couldn't pinpoint it. It was used extensively on GM wiring harnesses for the fuel injectors.

Search this on the web and you should be able to come up with it, "GM Delphi / Packard - Bosch EV1 Type Injector Connector".
Those are Bosch/AMP Junior Power Timer connectors. You can find them all over the place, including on all sorts of 80s Euro cars, washing machines and other appliances, and here:


The part numbers I came up with are:

106462-1 Male Housing
828904-1 Wire Seal
963040-3 Female Housing
1-962915-1 / 1-963748-1 Male Contact
929939-3 / 929940-3 Female Contact
963209-1 Interface Seal (clear/natural)

The Getrag 5 speed puts the reverse switch on the driver's side kinda high. The ZF 6 speed puts it on the lower right side of the transmission necessitating a longer wire run if you're doing a 5 ***8680; 6 speed swap.
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