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OEM Alarm

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Is the oem alarm worth it? It works with the key right you dont need an additional remote? Thanks.
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Yes it is worth it. It only costs $225 an is SIMPLE to install. Yes, it integrates with your key. I suggest ordering it from www.circlebmw.com
WTF i just called BMW SF and they said 300 for the parts alone???? Anyone htink they will negotiate on this?
Not likely, 300 is the retail price. Pacific and Circle BMW usually have prices that most dealers are not willing to match. Just order it from Circle BMW, shipping is like 5-10 bucks. Do the install yourself, it'll take you less than 45 mins.
I brought in the printout from that website and got it for 225 because I was *****ing how they drilled my license plage. Yea!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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