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This is where I'll document any changes done to my car :thanks:
Lets go back to July2014 when I got in in PA: was definitely scared to shits that it would've fell off during the 2 hour tow.

oil change M1 0w40 + Mann oil filter,
cooling system refresh,
OE style 68 wheels + spacers(20mmrear/10mmfront),
coilovers(raceland ultimos*great for fitment not slammed),
few small lighting upgrades(xenon lows would always go out, Morimoto 43k bulbs fixed it),
spray painted my headlight housing from silver->black,

Spark Plugs (ngk)
Angel Eye Kit(first kit was wrong size and broke):facepalm:
(trying my hardest to find Style 40 but cant.. options Styles: 19,20,21) Lastly, Corvette Razorblades or Salad Shooters. WANNA GO WIDE 10inch+ for fitment

As of October 8, 2014

*Highway driving*View My Video

*Water whippin' weekends*View My Video

spark plugs
angel eyes
smoked corner + side markers (khoalty)
Update over the weekend-next week



So since the last update.. I did get the smoked corners on but they fell out (crappy ebay Depo) got another Depo set from Khoalty..(fell out again) so I kept my ambers. So for now, I'm buying and storing until spring I'll have everything on:
res delete(maybe? depending on how loud sh*t gets)

UMMM.. here are photo updates throughout the winter

-Cracked my oil pan. Bought another and replaced it (definitely getting skid plate before driving again)
-Pops overheated the car :-( which equals rebuilt head - $1800
ALL WORK DONE. READY TO BE DRIVEN, but not until its nice and spring-gy + skid plate
-Roof Base Bars $60 (awaiting bike carriers for my fixie)
-Salad Shooters 17x9.5 all around $200. Gonna paint em matte black or repolish em (what ya think?)... Gonna stretch them on 205/40 or maybe maybe maybe 215's (I've been checking tyrestretch.com .. what do u think?) car is low as f*ck now but will raise for "stance" when fitting these wheels so hopefully less slapping of pans on horrible nyc roads


*Plans for April 2015* [stocking parts behind the sofa]
- Raise the car: get myself fitted on these style 96 (holy stretch 8" on AT LEAST 165/40-45/17, at most 195/40-45/17)
- Camber kit + camber plate
- Get my headlights+fogs to match @5000k. License plate light,interior lights upgraded to LED.
- OH and I still haven't installed the headers and muffler yet, so that too!

March 2015

TEST FITTED WHEELS 17x8 ET47 (spacers 32mm = ET15) . . I want more poke in the rear, so Im looking to get to ET10 in the rear or lower, the thing is that there is no 40mm spacer but I've seen 38mm but 5x120.6 :-( However, I'll stretch these oem's onto anything I find within 165-185/40/45 tires

Since nothing big until late April . . . [one angel eye blew.. getting rid of CCFL, upgrading to LED] I've done some headlight/fog(yellow) tail light(red) tints. I'm trying the yellow look before going onto my matching 5k front w/o the yellow tints. Oh and interior trim, change from Silver/Grey to "carbon fiber" wrap. Not fully feeling it YET but hope too because I'd like black headliner to complete the black interior feel. Also thinking if I should plasti-dip my exterior chrome trimp to black . . hmmmmm

(4300k fogs in mail to make brighter and to match headlights for now while tinted)

`haven't washed my car since winter :-/ parked till May: gonna hand wash it soon`

July 2015 :
*raised the back to match the front which I raised over the winter but now the rear is a little higher than the front. I'll make them even when I get my sTaNcE going.. So I'm going to JAMROCK(jamaica) "real quick", hoping when I get back I'll have the car 1/4 how I want it before August. Here's how its sitting on my Winters still lol

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Great stuff! I am definitely going to hit the inside of my headlights with some black... the silver plastic looks odd the more I look at it.

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November 2015

Headers + Muffler installed:

Headers(catless i believe) + OEM midpipes w/ both resonators + Magnaflow muffler

Parts: Magnaflow 14803 (Y pipe also needed which your mechanic should have)

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Performance...-8L-3-0L-L6-/331685906264?hash=item4d3a054758 " Performance Exhaust Manifold Headers FITS BMW E46 E39 Z4 01-06 2.5L 2.8L 3.0L L6 "

http://www.ebay.com/itm/O2-oxygen-s...n-M18-X-1-5-/281130517128?hash=item4174af4288 " O2 oxygen sensor angled extender spacer 90 degree 02 bung extension M18 X 1.5 "

Awaiting some LED lighting upgrades: Update within the week...
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