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Here's the dealie O
I've still got the original kits I bought

Wet Kits $350 each
Dry Kits $350 each
Purge Kits $75 each
15lb bottles

I just got my updated list and the prices have all raised due to more in each kit, and they have a ton more to order now. Here's what the prices will be if you're interested in getting stuff....

These prices won't go into effect until I need to order the kits themselves. Also.... because they are making me sell them at only 10% less than MRP... we can negotiate prices a wee bit... say I buy a piece of gum from ya for $20... get what i'm saying.......

Wet Kit - $430
Dry Kit - $380
Purge Kit - $85

The reason for the price increase for these ones is more stuff comes with em. They now have bottle brackets, WOT switches, solenoid mounts... yada yada. HOWEVER, the kits I have for sale above have all those at the same price cause I actually bought them right before they raised the price, and righ tafter the upgraded kits came out

Bottle Brackets (pair) - $35
Bottle Heater w/ accessories (all hookups) - $100
12oz, 2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb bottles vary from $110-200

Direct Port Kit for 4 cyl engine- $550

Cooling block for DP system - $200
This hooks into any current DP system and adds about 3-5% (a 100 shot would "become a whopping 105) more power, and lowers temperatures by 30% (less detonation, that's a very good thing). I dont' think 3-5% more hp is worth $200, but if you get the direct port kit I can throw this into the system for only $110.

I can also get all the little accessories you need, fitting, lines, solenoids, nuts, you name it. YOU want nuts, I got nuts.

Here's my webpage
here's the company webpage

Feel free to ask any questions. It's easiest to reach me on AIM @ Jeep71CJ5
but my cell phone is (301)537-6436. I am paypal verified and sell on eBay. Live in New Hampshire.
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