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Production F80 BMW M3 bumper caught on camera

BMW has had to strip off all but the smallest bit of cladding on the next generation F80 M3 to go hot weather testing. This strip down was needed to get realistic tests of the cooling system and in turn gives us a peak at the final F80 M3 bumper design. When compared to the spy shots with the black cloth from a few days ago we get a much better idea of the design. If you look closely at both pictures you can see that BMW is still hiding a few things.

BMW F80 M3 bumper revealed - Designed similar to M6

More pictures of the F80 M3 hot weather testing

On the fully exposed picture (top) the upper half of the left and right openings appears to be covered up to hide the M6 style whiskers or flippers. We of course also can see how BMW has covered the inner section of the headlight where it will connect to the kidney grills. Expect the grill slat count to be fewer then what is shown but I would not expect a double slat M6 design style.

More pictures of the F80 M3 Bumper at Auto Motor Sport

M Power for the F80 M3 will come from an inline 6 with twin turbos pumping out an estimated 450 hp and 425 ft-lbs of torque. Rumors of a triple turbo or v6 engine appear to have been nothing more then rumors. The 450 ponies will be sent to the rear where an active, computer controlled rear diff will help put the power to the ground and keep even the throttle happiest driver pointed in the right direction. A dual clutch transmission (DCT) is a given, the question is will BMW produce a manual gear box version for those of us that like to row the gears?

With the feature of the front bumper all but in the open a 2014 release date as a 2015 model year for the F80 M3 sedan come into question. With the E90/E92 M3 BMW rolled out the sedan and coupe around the same time. With the F30/F32 and F80/F82 BMW is already splitting the naming with the sedans retaining the 3 series naming and the coupes grabbing the 4 series badge. With the break from tradition why not release the M3 sedan early to bring it to market faster? Time will tell, but stay tuned for more spy pictures of the F80 M3.

With the M3 design all but known, what do you think. Is it too much like the M6 or is it just right?
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